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call me nieve but to me that would mean something with animals but can someone tell me if that is what it is or does it mean something else..was the exact question asked in an email "are you into k9 play by any chance?

For ease of finding a rescue organization near you, the shelters/rescues are listed under specific regions.

Hernias that remain in the “out” position are called “irreducible."An irreducible hernia is also called an “incarcerated” hernia.

This can become an emergency if it begins to “strangulate,” meaning that the bulging tissue loses blood flow. A hernia can be an acquired activity, meaning that it develops with age, or due to a surgery or procedure.

Getting Started Finding Groups Joining a Group Subscribing to a Group's Mailing List Participating in Yahoo Groups Community Q&A No matter what your interests are, there are many people who are interested in the same things.

Of course, caring for others might have a negative impact on a romantic connection, but delaying p...

But to desire to have them cut off makes me cringe.

I guess the goal for those who deliberately have them removed is to have a sex change operation.


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