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(The following list of Connecticut quarries is not a complete list of all of the historical quarries in the state, only the ones I have been able to locate. A revival of the ancient art of incising metals, retaining all its beauty, possibilities and individuality, but accomplished by methods which have been developed during years of patient investigation and expensive experiment, whereby work of this kind can now be produced at a small fraction of the cost involved by any methods heretofore known. The locomotive served the New Haven Trap Rock Company in Connecticut, which operated quarries on and around Totoket Mountain where the company quarried trap rock (a kind of basalt).

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The estimated delivery date is an estimate (at the time of catalog publication) for when the item is expected to ship.

Such is helpful to persons considering a transaction, and reflects the principles of the Association's earliest and current leaders.

Several sets of standards have been promulgated: These standards are monitored and enforced by the TCA on its members in their dealings, but not on non-member merchants.

In addition, certain standards in effect regarding reproductions apply to manufacturers and vendors: and enforced by the TCA on its members in their dealings.

Be aware that merchants who are not TCA members are not bound by these or any other standards, and all too frequently an unwary novice is sold, for example, a ‘Mint’ item that may in reality be in ‘Like New’ or even poorer condition.