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Bianca has more than 17 years of experience in the entertainment arena.Recently Bianca has left her anchoring job and has moved on towards acting.Bianca de la Garza is an Emmy Award-nominated television host, news anchor, and journalist who also is a single mom. She worked full time, sent me to private schools and paid for my college.There is no doubt her work ethic and insistence on me having a great education shaped me. So like her, I always find a way," Garza emphasizes.Is there something as a mom that you're doing that you don't see other mom's doing -- something that's unique to you? I love watching her sleep and hearing her little voice say, 'I love my mommy.' What are the biggest challenges that come from being a single mom? For me, I'm a single mom who worked overnights in a demanding and unpredictable job.I'm trying to get my daughter aware of her breath and sensations in her body, tapping into her natural intuitive sense. It's us adults who constantly live in our mind, always thinking, worrying, stressing. What energy are the people I'm surrounded by giving me? I got up at am for the morning newscast, and finding daycare providers who were qualified and could sleep at my home was always a bit challenging.Bianca de la Garza has the best of both worlds when it comes to her work life and her personal life.

Check it out below: When did you realize that you wanted to leave your position as an anchor to pursue your dreams? I wouldn’t say it was one moment, but I had been in journalism and then a news reporter and then an anchor for 17 years.I really felt that growing up in New England I wanted to react to what was happening here and I saw that there was a market place — a void — in the type of lifestyle and entertainment stories that viewers wanted to see and that was sort of my inspiration.Why was creating your own production company [Lucky Gal] so important to you?Bianca De La Garza is the most popular anchor who is active being as a television host.Additionally she is also a news and stage anchor and CEO of her business.There you will find eleven well-appointed Airstream trailers to choose from.