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Error validating server certificate for svn windows

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However, since you say that your Entrust certificate checks out fine, then you can configure your svn client to accept the Entrust cert.First, obtain the PEM version of your Entrust certificate and save it locally. Select Network from the tree on the left, and then locate and click the Edit button for Subversion server file.In order to work over the HTTPS protocol, the Visual SVN Server should be equipped with an SSL certificate.A server certificate contains detailed identification information, such as the name of the organization that is affiliated with the server content, the name of the organization that issued the certificate, the name of the server and so on.If this matches what you see on your screen, then you are really connected to us and you can press p to accept the certificate permanently.

Use the fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!If the data on your screen does not match, your connection may be compromised.Reject the certificate and contact us directly and include the full error in your message.Use the fingerprint to validate the certificate manually! - Valid: from Wed, GMT until Thu, GMT - Issuer: ... (R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently? Each time you try some SVN command, you get “Error validating server certificate” problem with subversion.When using SVN to connect secure server, the server needs to send its certificate to the client for verification.