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It’s learning how to care about another person…and show it in the right way.

If you’re thinking about a woman you care about when she’s not around, make sure to tell her.

“I mostly thought, ‘I’m going to die alone, no one’s going to date me ever again,” she tells SELF.

Although herpes is one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted diseases, it’s shrouded in stigma.

He’s comfortable in his own skin, and it’s reflected in everything from his personal style to his body language. It means having the strength to do your own thing while encouraging others to do theirs. Do just this much, and you’ll be amazed how easily you start connecting emotionally with everyone around you…including great women. Too many guys think that if they woke up one morning looking like Brad Pitt and having all his money, suddenly they’d have no problem acting “cool.” These guys couldn’t be more wrong.

He projects “easy-going” and “casual” instead of “tense” and “posed.” So take a look at your life…what would it take to make you feel more fulfilled? The true currency of “cool” is something else entirely.

But all the self-acceptance in the world doesn’t erase the fact that a herpes diagnosis creates ripple effects of shame and social isolation, and the fallout is especially pronounced when it comes to your dating life.“It’s good to have the conversation because there is a potential risk of transmission,” Cherrell Triplett, M.

D., an ob/gyn who practices at Southside OBGYN and Franciscan Alliance in Indianapolis, Indiana, tells SELF.

It took me many years to take seriously two statements that my wife made at different times about what turned her on:“I really get turned on when you go to the doctor,” she told me on another location.Most of us regular guys fear we’re just not “cool” enough to meet and date great women. Let’s face it…from James Bond to Jason Bourne, movies have always made most guys feel like “cool” is something we don’t have enough of…can’t get more of…and are doomed to fail with women because of. ANY man can cultivate the kind of “cool” women actually care about by taking just a few simple steps. And “inner strength” never means being aggressive, abusive or rude.But does “cool” really matter all that much…and if so, where do we get more of it? Even worse: our attempts to fake “being cool” ruin our real opportunities to build relationships with great women. Because, despite what TV and movies would have us believe, the only “cool” that really matters to a woman isn’t about swagger, looks or money… Until a man feels fulfilled in his own life, there’s no way he can connect in a meaningful way with a woman. The kind of strength I’m talking about, the kind that translates into genuine “cool,” is the kind a man uses to project personal confidence, control, and leadership.Out of sight, protected and only to be found by the most determined seeker!For a Capricorn, relationship compatibility with someone is almost never instant – you have to work at your relationships, and you’re not afraid to do so.As a zodiac sign, Capricorn is known for its prudence, and it is your prudent attitude towards romance which marks you out in love, too.